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Rudy La Scala in YoutubeIn the last 2 years the number of Rudy La Scala's videos has increased drastically on the Internet, thanks to websites like YouTube and people who share their videos. Some of these are live presentations of Rudy, while others are original video clips or videos made by users utilizing images or videos as background for the songs. Video clips such as El Cariņo Es Como Una Flor, Cuando Yo Amo and Por Que Sera have been viewed by millions of users. Es Que Eres Tú, one of the most recent videos with clips from the Italian movie "Mignon Has Come To Stay". Watch it: Amongst other videos we can appreciate songs by Rudy La Scala in Italian from the 70's(Thanks to Progc.) Salta que salta la - Vinto - Millie, Tu dulce flor



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