Rudy La Scala
QUE NOTA! - produccion
1  Que nota! (Miami Beech)
2  My Arabian night
3  Men are cannibals
4  Feeling you touch me
5  Sheik of Manhattan
6  Shut up!
7  On the move
8  Motorize my cycle
9  Last chance
10  I'm the best

Alls songs written & composed by (todas las canciones escritas y compuestas por): Stella & Rudy La Scala
Artistic Production (Producción Artística):Stella & Rudy La Scala
Arrangements & Production (Arreglos y Producción): Rudy La Scala

Rudy La Scala: Keyboards, Additional guitars & Background vocals
Stella: All vocals
John Bride: Lead guitar
Tom Griffen: Bass
Whitey Penn: Drums
Michael Graydon: Percussion
Rick Capreol: Engineer
Mix & Mastering: Phase One Studios (Toronto)
Rick Capreol & Rudy La Scala: Mix Engineers

Photography: Peter Hofle
Graphic Design:Barry Ian Laughun Angeli

This record was recorded between september& December 1980, at Phase One Studio (Basic tracks & over dubs), Master workshop (over dubs)

Special thanks to the musicians for the "Nota", to my Mom & Hyra for their unfalting support, to Rudy more than everything for just being Rudy and to all my friends at Love Records .

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Hecho en Venezuela por Love Records LR. C.A.